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Muskoka Concert Association
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MCA Membership

In the past, we have offered memberships which entitled subscribers to get five performances for the already low price of four concerts. We are very sorry but currently we cannot offer memberships. This decision has been necessary because of dwindling attendance and concurrent lack of sponsors. Covid has challenged our financial resources and our physical energies to the point that we are wondering how we will manage to continue. It is a sad time for your MCA board members.
Hopefully, we shall offer memberships again soon, but in response to our current reality, we have needed to amend our agenda for 2023. For the upcoming concert season, we are planning two concerts … details yet to be determined … for the calendar year.
This page will be updated with our upcoming concerts
once they have been scheduled.
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On a much happier note, this December, we are offering the Sultans of String. We know from past experience that they have a proven ability to excite and entertain the audience with their high energy and broad repertoire.
This concert is the final concert of our pre-Covid lineup and all outstanding membership tickets will be honoured free of additional costs. Simply bring your old tickets (originally issued for the final concert necessarily cancelled due to Covid) to the Gravenhurst box office and they will make the necessary exchange. This our Christmas Concert offering and will have Holiday music with an eclectic mix of religious traditions.

Sultans of String

December 4, 2022 at 2:30pm
Gravenhurst Opera House
Photo of the Sultans of String
For a sample of their talents and their ability to entertain a broad range of tastes, check out
one of their many YouTube videos
Christmas Caravan - Sultans of String

Rand Simpson

December 4, 2022 at 1:30pm
Trillium Court, Gravenhurst Opera House
Cash Bar
Photo of Rand Simpson
Rand Simpson, a free bonus with your ticket to see the Sultans of Strings
will entertain and enlighten us with his musical abilities
in the Trillium Court starting at 1:30 pm
just before we go upstairs to hear the Sultans of Strings.
Mark your calendars!
Tell your contacts! Show up!
Play a part of a Great Musical Tradition!
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