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Hogtown Brass

October 5th, 2019, 7:00 p.m.
Gravenhurst Opera House
The Hogtown Brass is a Toronto based chamber ensemble dedicated to pushing the boundaries of traditional brass music. This group of diverse musicians come from a wide range of musical backgrounds from classical to pop to jazz. This performance promises to be a unique concert experience which is both entertaining and informative.

In June 2017, HBQ was a featured performer at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival and in November they released "A Holiday Album, Vol. 1", featuring arrangements by an all-Canadian roster of composers including RJ Satchithananthan, Christian Overton, and Terry Promane.

In October 2016, they released their debut recording "Introducing...", featuring brand new arrangements and original compositions for brass quintet in a variety of styles and genres - from Baroque to Latin dance to funk - just a little taste of what HBQ is all about. “Introducing...” was also nominated for a 2017 Toronto Independent Music Award.

Seasons - Hogtown-Brass Quintet


  • The Hogtown Brass Quintet are the rare group whose diverse musical offerings and welcoming
    personalities are equally at home in both small venues and large concert halls.

     Andrew Hitz

    Former Tuba, Boston Brass; Pedal Note Media
    Their playing is joyful and the repertoire is at once sophisticated and easy to listen to. The original writing by trombonist RJ Satchithananthan, is awesome, and should become part of the Brass Quintet repertoire.

    Gabriel Radford

    Toronto Symphony Orchestra
    The Hogtown Brass is a class act. They are meticulous with rhythmic patterns – which are always precise, as is their ensemble. Humour is a part of their style. Not only do these fine
    musicians play with accuracy and sensitivity, they also communicate to the audience how much fun they are having in the process.

    Howard Cable

  • The Hogtown Brass Quintet provided a fitting and jubilant ending to our summer festival. From the moment they walked onstage, the audience was fully engaged by their youthful
    enthusiasm, humour and a brilliant performance which ended in a rousing standing ovation.

    John French

    Brookside Music Association
    These five brass players are a fantastic blend of spirit, energy and ability. They're serious yet fun. Great individually, yet terrific as a group. They can nail the classics, yet still groove and rock. And they're great with audiences. We need more, fresh music-making like this. Great
    things await the Hogtown Brass.

    Ron Davis

    The Hogtown Brass offers the perfect blend of entertainment, education, and showmanship. Whether this innovative quintet is inspiring children at a school or concert hall, celebrating community at a street festival, or entertaining their audiences at a brewery, the Hogtown Brass delights their audience with well-crafted programs.

    Chris Gongos

    Toronto Symphony Orchestra
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